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Flight Cancellation policy

Flight Cancellation policy

If your flight is affected, you can request a voucher through Reservations Management. Once the electronic Ticket (TKT) has been issued, access with your reservation code [Open in new window] and you can carry out all these procedures through Reservation Management:

Cancel/confirm reservations made on flywaybetters: if you have a pre-reservation, you can access it and confirm or cancel it

Check the status of your bookings: flights, dates, times, view your ticket number (TKT), and you can also get a copy of the itinerary.

Modification of your reservation: Changes of dates and flights can only be made up to a maximum time of three hours before the departure of the trip and is subject to the conditions of the ticket fare (you can accept changes free of charge, with a penalty or may not allow any changes).

Reserve your seat or purchase additional luggage.

Modify or include your contact phone number. Remember that name changes in the seat and ticket reservations are NOT allowed.

Access our offers to travel in Business: tell us the price you are willing to pay to go to Business and enjoy the experience.

Complete your trip:
  • Take advantage of all our offers and book with us the hotel transfers.
  • Take out insurance.
  • Rent a car and organize tours, activities, excursions, and much more.

Reserve exceptional food: Request a special diet for a flight of more than four and a half hours in economy class or more than 90 minutes in Business class.

How do I apply for the voucher, and can I resolve my doubts?

You can request a voucher for the amount of the Ticket (Ticket + associated services, such as seat selection or purchase of additional luggage, for example) to spend on one or more subsequent purchases with the flywaybetters.

You can request the voucher through Reservation Management, and you will receive it within a maximum period of five days.

To provide you with the maximum information and help you resolve any other questions that may arise, you can go to our bonuses page.

How long is a ticket valid for?

The ticket evidences the existence and the content of the Contract of Carriage between the Airline and the Passenger whose name appears on the Ticket.

A Ticket is valid for transport:
  • For one year from the date of issue, as long as no flight coupon has been used, or
  • For one year from the date of use of the first coupon, as long as this use has taken place within the year in which the Ticket was issued.
  • If your request is related to a change in flight dates, a change in the itinerary, or a difference in the maximum stay allowed at the destination, please contact flywaybetters.
  • If your Ticket has been issued by a travel agency and has not started the trip yet, please contact them.
Can I cancel my Ticket and have it refunded?
  • If your flight is affected, you can request a voucher through Reservations Management.
  • It will depend on the rate purchased. Most of the prices with restrictions do not allow refunds, returns, exchanges, or if they do allow it, they have an associated penalty.
  • If your Ticket has been purchased through our online platform, you can check the refund conditions in Reservation Management or call flywaybetters.
  • Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 17:30 hours. If, on the other hand, your Ticket has been purchased through an agency, you must contact that agency.

The ticket management fee is non-refundable

Cancellation and return of a ticket due to death

In general terms, and after presenting the original death certificate and a photocopy of the family book, we authorizes the full refund of the plane ticket in the event of the death of a first-degree relative, that is, parents, children, spouse and in-laws of the holder of the Ticket.

To process your request, please ask that you contact flywaybetters directly or, if a travel agency has issued the Ticket, contact them.

Can I change the final rate depending on whether I choose the pre-booking or purchase option?

No, when you make a reservation through our platform, the price that appears is with the airport taxes included.

Remember that if you choose the option to reserve, it will be kept for 72 hours, being able to purchase at any time that includes the indicated period, accessing the “Manage your reservation” section from the main page. You can buy your Ticket (s) at any flywaybetters office or travel agency if you prefer. If you choose this last option, each agency will apply its table of charges for issuance.

After this time, without making the purchase effective, the reservation will be canceled. If you decide to buy the Ticket, the Ticket (s) issuance and the charge to your credit card are carried out automatically. If you included a voucher or discount with any issuing authority, you will have to add it again when confirming the reservation because these could have changed.

Can the name on the tickets be changed?

Name changes in the seat and ticket reservations are NOT allowed. If the ticket details do not match the documentation submitted, the right to board may be denied.

How to request proof of flight, flight delay, or cancellation?

How to request proof of flight, flight delay, or cancellation?

Indicate the reason for the revenue you request:
  • Proof of having flown
  • Documentation of not having flown
  • Proof of delayed flight
  • Proof of canceled flight

If you have made a reservation for a flight with origin US and as long as your fare allows you to change, now you can make them online. For this, you must access Reservations Management.

If your rate does not allow changes through flywaybetter, you must consult our Reservation Center or go to an office