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Welcome to FlywayBetter your dependable ally for smooth Kuwait Airlines bookings. We appreciate that every journey is a unique escapade and reserving your flights should be the start of an exceptional experience. Kuwait Airways is the state-owned airline of Kuwait and the country's official flag carrier. In 1953, a group of Kuwaiti businessmen came together to form the company, but it didn't begin operations until 1954.

Services offered by Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways unwavering commitment to offering topnotch services to its passengers is at the core of its success. As soon as you step on board a friendly and warm cabin crew will welcome you and be ready to attend to all of your needs. The modern fleet of Kuwait Airways aircraft which includes the Boeing 777 and Airbus A320 demonstrates the airlines commitment to excellence and ensures your journey will be safe comfortable and efficient

  1. Comfort on Board: Kuwait Airways is aware that getting there is just as important as staying there They have therefore given great consideration to passenger comfort when designing their cabins Whether you are flying business first or economy class you can anticipate comfortable seats inflight entertainment delectable cuisine and amenities that will make your trip memorable
  2. Gastronomic delights: The exquisite dining experience offered by Kuwait Airways is one of its standouts features The airline takes pride in offering a wide variety of international and Arabic cuisine that has been expertly prepared by skilled chefs Passengers can enjoy a variety of dishes that cater to various tastes and dietary preferences while also savoring the flavors of Kuwaiti culture
  3. Entertainment: For passengers of all ages to have a pleasant and entertaining flight Kuwait Airways provides a wide selection of inflight entertainment options There is something for everyone to enjoy during their flight including the most recent blockbuster movies music playlists and games
  4. Oasis Lounges: Kuwait Airways offers access to its opulent Oasis Lounges at some airports for business and first-class travelers These lounges provide a calm and comfortable atmosphere where you can unwind work or enjoy a variety of refreshments before your flight

Travel classes on a Kuwait Airways flight

The airline offers a Royal and First-Class section, a Business Class section, and an Economy section. Alcoholic beverages are not available on-board with this airline.

Royal and First Class:

The airline's flagship Boeing 777 planes are the only ones with the Royal Class cabin. It provides an unprecedented standard of luxury and service. The airline goes above and beyond the norm for hospitality by providing you with numerous personalized touches, including complete anonymity during flight. The limo ride to and from Terminal 4 and the complimentary coffee and dates are just the beginning. A carefully curated menu of international dishes is available to the passengers. The latest films and television shows are also available to watch on the flight thanks to the extensive in-flight entertainment system.

Business Class:

Kuwait Airways' business class is very roomy, with lots of space for your legs and your own space. Business class passengers can unwind and relax thanks to the wide selection of gourmet Kuwaiti meals and, of course, the world-class in-flight entertainment. Passengers can lie completely flat in their seats for the ultimate in relaxation and comfort.

Economy Class:

Even in Economy, you can travel in comfort and style. In-flight dining and entertainment are equally varied and adaptable. There is plenty of room for your legs and other body parts, both before you and behind you in your seat. On the airline's flagship Boeing 777, passengers can choose from Premium Economy seats, which feature more space for their legs and other comforts.

Online Flight Check-In for Kuwait Airways

Due to the current pandemic situation, it is now required that you check in for your flight on Kuwait Airways' website before heading to the airport. To check-in online, passengers must have a confirmed electronic ticket. You can check in online starting 24 hours before your flight and continuing up to three hours before takeoff. You can check in for your flight online by entering your departure airport, last name, and either your booking reference number or your e-ticket number. The seating plan will show you where the available seats are. Check-in passengers, including yourself, by selecting seats ahead of time and entering their information. Immediately after finishing the process, a summary of the assigned seats is given to you. Keep it in your mailbox or print out a copy for safekeeping.

Frequently Asked Question

  • When flying with Kuwait Airways, you can check in online.
  • Kuwait Airways' lowest fare on domestic flights is around $13,000 to $14,000.
  • If you want to fly on Kuwait Airways, the best day to do so is October 2nd, 2023.
  • Kuwait Airways flies a total of 7 different routes.